Monday, December 10, 2012

To add to your wishlist

I'm very excited to announce the publication of Wishes, by Claudia Trinklein-Engman, illustrated by Chris Hill!

What a unique, refreshing book this is. I knew from the moment I started working with Claudia on her manuscript that this would be a success, and now that it's in final book form, with Chris Hill's adorable illustrations, I can say that my expectations (and good wishes for the author!) were exceeded. Wishes is a winner--for all ages! It would be an amazing holiday or New Year's gift for anyone on your list.

Plus talk about your stellar self-publishing--Claudia shows us how it's done. Congratulations, Claudia and Chris!

Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Look what I got an advance copy of in the mail yesterday!

. . . And, while I know I said I was booked (pun inevitable?) for fall before, I find myself free to take on some more projects after all, so don't be afraid to send things my way! (Though of course I always still recommend Lindsey, Marijane, and Julie!)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's specials

- Miranda Kenneally strikes again! Does that woman ever sleep?!

- Joanna Hinsey has a brand-new blog. Welcome, Joanna!

- Rhonda McCormack was nice enough to plug me on her blog and on Twitter.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

A bouquet of a book

Here's a beautiful note I received from Rhonda McCormack, author of Wildflowers (which you can buy now in one of several formats directly from her site):
"I'm writing today because I've recently entered the indie publishing world with the release of my debut young adult novel, Wildflowers. . . . My journey off the traditional publishing path happened rather abruptly, but with much enthusiasm. Below, I'll include the link to my blogsite, in case you'd like to read more about my process. The main reason I'm reaching out to you, though, is to offer thanks. You may know that you played a role in helping me improve my writing, but you also played a hand in teaching me to honor my writing.

I'm just beginning to recognize all the moments and people that have been part of the momentum of this change for me, and with you, it's not one specific thing you said in your critique. With you, it was simply the objective and honest delivery of your feedback that reminded me to focus on the writing. Not when to submit it and who to submit it to. I've received this message many times over the years, and now that I'm putting the information into action, I want to thank all those who offered this bit of advice. In focusing on the creative process, I've tapped into what I really want to accomplish with my books, and I've found that indie publishing allows me the space to stay connected to my voice."
Rhonda, I'm so honored to have been part of helping you bring Wildflowers to life. Congratulations! Everyone else, I wildly recommend you buy this book today!
- L'Editrice

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The good news keeps coming . . .

Here's the latest from some of my authors . . .

From Betsy Devany, author of Savannah's Mountain and many other manuscripts:
"I wanted you to know that--after an intense three weeks of being wooed by multiple agents--I am now represented by Emily van Beek. I could not be in better hands, having Emily for my agent. She is fiercely protective of Savannah and Aubrey, and all the other characters I hold close to my heart.
Thank you for believing it me, and for gently asking me to write Savannah's story when all I had was that first page you heard back in March 2007."

From Heather Lyons, author of A Matter of Fate:
" I wanted to let you know that my book you and Rekha edited, A Matter of Fate, is FINALLY out!  You can see it [and buy it! - SC] on my website. I want to thank you again so much for all the work you guys did on this book.I hope you don't mind, but there's a shout-out to you and Rekha at the end in the acknowledgements! :)"

From Jennifer Salvato Doktorski, author of Deadlines and How My Summer Went Up in Flames:
"I just wanted to let you know that I received the galleys for Getaway, which has been renamed How My Summer Went Up in Flames. I love the new title and the cover. I posted a sneak peak on my new blog/website."

Wow! Congratulations, all, and I'm humbled by your kind words. If anyone else reading this has some news to share (or if I've forgotten any of you who already have told me--I have so many talented authors, sometimes it's overwhelming), do let me know.

Finally, I was honored to be asked to do first-page critiques for Kathy Temean's site on "Free Fall Friday." Here are the results.

- L'Editrice



Monday, August 20, 2012

Song of joy

Congratulations to my author Marit Menzin, whose picture book Song for Papa Crow has just been published! It's a beautiful book, so order yourself a copy today.

- L'Editrice

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big news!

I'm proud to announce that A.G. Henley, author of The Scourge has secured representation: Caryn Wiseman at Andrea Brown Agency. Congratulations, Aimee!

I also wanted to let everyone know that I have reached my fill of projects for the fall, and so will not be taking on any new ones for the time being. But I can recommend some other great freelance editors:

- Lindsey Alexander

- Marijane F. Leonard

- Julie Romeis:
Julie Romeis began her career in publishing by helping launch the U.S. division of Bloomsbury Children’s Books in 2001. There she edited books for all ages and discovered award winning authors such as 2010 Printz Honoree Rick Yancey. In 2007, she joined Chronicle Books to launch their fiction program for older readers, including the powerful debut by Katie Williams, The Space Between Trees. She also published memorable picture books such as Keith Graves’ E.B. White Read-Aloud Honor Book, Chicken Big, along with many other books and gift products. Julie has taught as a book workshop instructor at the Columbia Publishing Course since 2004 and offered workshops and critiques at SCBWI conferences around the world. With more than eleven years of experience in children’s books, with an emphasis on fiction for all ages and a fondness for funny picture books, Julie is now available as a freelance editor based in San Francisco. Creative collaboration and constructive feedback is at the heart of her editorial philosophy. She offers a range of services including manuscript critique, in-depth editorial development, line editing, project management, and consultation on careers in the publishing industry. Please contact Julie directly for a quote based on your particular project:


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Howdy, folks,

I am envisioning some changes to the site in the near future, and part of this involves re-branding the whole thing. is a lovely name, but it is all about me, and not about my other co-editors, who I would like to incorporate even more as I grow the business. So, I am trying to brainstorm a new URL/company name. I personally like L'Editrice, and think I have kind of created a site identity around that, but some people I have spoken to have said it is too French for everyone to get.  So, I am asking you folks if you have any ideas.

Of course I'll have to google like a maniac to see if whatever I like is already taken, but some other ideas I've had are:

- Chandelier
- Candelabra
- Ampersand
- Inkwell
- SC Communications
- Busy Bee

I would love to hear your thoughts!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Local love

Here are a couple of really tough (for me) things that I aspire to: veganism and local-and/or-handmade-only shopping. The past couple weekends have found me visiting some inspiring places that fit the bill, so I thought I'd share my suggestions for a perfect Saturday in Houston. (Bring your appetite and a camera!)

Get your hair cut at Shine in the Heights. The salon is based out of an old house, they always have cookies to help yourself to (whoops, there goes the veganism), and there is a real community feel in the interactions between the stylists and their "regulars."

If you didn't grab breakfast before (knowing me, I went straight to the salon from bed), your next step is to grab some goodies from Revival Market. Definitely not a vegan place, but local and yummy. Plus it has an old-fashioned vibe, so the workers there all wear charming striped aprons, bowties, newsboy caps, etc. They also have fancy coffee there for all you caffeine addicts.

The Heights has tons of cool independent shops on 19th Street, so that's definitely worth a stroll after your grub, but don't miss Hello Lucky on Studewood either!

Next head over to the museum district, but check out some of the less-usual suspects: the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and Lawndale Art Center. The former's gift shop is an exhibition space in itself, with amazing gifts at really reasonable prices from artisans all over the country, but especially locally. You can even visit some of these artists in their studios right in the building! And don't miss the historic theater next door, which you can apparently rent out for events. Then walk through the cool garden to the awesome, mural-decorated Lawndale building and check out their current exhibitions.

By now you're probably ready to eat again, so make your way to Almeda Rd., where you'll find the innovative Green Seed Vegan. (A word to the wise: arrive a little bit before you're super starving, because you will have to wait a little while for your food.)

Spend some time in Rice Village, where ignoring the chain stores will result in some very good finds, particularly at Rush and Asha (both really cool jewelry stores on Rice Blvd.), and Ten Thousand Villages (which is simultaneously not at all local and at the same time very much supporting independent, local artisans . . . from around the world).

Now that you've killed some time, you can eat again! Check out Field of Greens. Despite their being very confused in their signage over how to correctly (not) puncutate their name and an ambiance lacking some elegance, I give them an A+ for the food.

Did you not partake in the chocolate tofu pie at Field of Greens? Then treat yourself to gelato, sorbet, or cappucino at SweetCup, which I can never rave enough about.

Hooray, what a full day! Want more? For Sunday I recommend a when-it-opens arrival at Tiny Boxwood's (the beet burger is divine, and I believe their chocolate-chip cookie is the best I've ever had--again, not sure if this vegan thing is ever going to happen) as well as the wonderfully whimsical strip of Main St. between Alabama and Berry (Ensemble/HCC stop on the light rail), especially My Flaming Heart.

These folks also have some great Houston recommendations.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MAD success!

From Publisher's Marketplace, July 12, 2012:
"Sharon Biggs Waller's A MAD, WICKED FOLLY, pitched as Downton Abbey for teens and set against the backdrop of the women's suffrage movement, about a girl in Edwardian London who, after getting expelled from her French boarding school, pursues her passion for art - and for an attractive police constable - despite the restrictions of her upper-class family, to Leila Sales at Viking Children's, for publication in Winter 2014, by John Cusick at Scott Treimel NY (World English)."

Remember when I told you about Sharon getting an agent? And now a book deal . . . whose announcement led to her agent being contacted by film and foreign agents! It just goes to show that so much can be about timing. Sharon's manuscript has always been amazing, but it took the sudden everywhere obession with "Downton Abbey" to get people to pay attention.

It's funny, because back in April when Sharon told me her agent was comparing it to "Downton," I thought, That's cool, but I don't understand how all these people can be so into a BBC period miniseries. Then I actually began watching it (actually, devouring it, finishing both seasons in about 1 week), and it made me even happier--especially the episode where Lady Sybil goes all out for suffrage and women's rights. It was like Vicky was there on the screen!

Watch the show, read the book, and you may want to dress for the era as well--I know I do. Of course, nowadways the only people who really appreciate such elegance and detail are my favorite wedding-dress makers. How perfect are these dresses for dinner at Downton as the years and styles progress (or at Vicky's home, though she'd wear them kicking and screaming)?

Anyway, back to the most important point: Congratulations, Sharon, and I can't wait for the rest of the world to become as entrenched in your amazing creation as I am!

- L'Editrice

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My current heroes (heroines!)

- Julia Bluhm, and Spark.

- Vogue.

- Nuns. (Actually, they've long been my heroes--the two "plain-clothes" nuns, as my mom calls them, in the family were always inspirational to me in their nonconventional lives.)


Friday, May 11, 2012

Nothing "Rookie" about it

My sister introduced me to this amazing online magazine the other day by e-mailing me: Have you seen this? Seems like something you could write for?

I have no idea where she found it, but I was instantly obsessed. It felt to me like the online reincarnation of that wise-and-cool-beyond-its-years teen magazine of yesteryear, Sassy . . . and (though not saying I'm so cool or wise) also just reminded me of me. I mean, any place that has style-icon odes to both Dorothy from "Golden Girls" and Angela Lansbury is one where I want to be.

Then I discovered it is actually meant for teens--which only made me feel silly/disappointed for about a split-second. I obviously love teen things, especially smart ones, and it made me feel really happy that there are still quality (and fun!) alternative voices and spaces for teen girls these days. And I know I would have loved it as a teenage girl (as I still do, as I am still very much the teenage girl I was then--plus it's totally into 90s nostalgia as well).

I checked out some of the contributors, and discovered that the amazing young Tavi Gevinson is the founder and editor-in-chief! I remember hearing a while back about how she was starting a feminist website/magazine for girls. It's even better than I could have hoped.

All this makes me so happy, so I'm tagging this post under "Listetrice," since I decided that is also the appropriate tag for all of my loves/obsessions--and since all together they make up my (rather long) short list of awesomeness.

- L'Editrice

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweet city

It's probably no surprise to you that I base much of my social/travel life around eating, especially desserts. Recently a friend came to visit me in Houston for the first time, and I had to push myself past my normal dessert tour to recommend other attractions (since in the 4 or so free hours she had she wasn't going to spend the whole time eating sweets). But if you have longer, all your sweet-tooth dreams can be realized . . .

What are you in the mood for?

- Go to Tiff's Treats and get an amazing Tiffwich (ice-cream sandwich). Better yet: get these warm cookies delivered right to your door! Tiff's has always been an Austin fave of mine, so I was thrilled when it finally arrived in Houston. (Also, their idea of cookie boxes as wedding favors is genius.)
- Enjoy beautiful and delicious macarons at Petite Sweets. Just make sure you have your camera handy, because you're going to want to document the gorgeous color combinations.

- Just a few months old but already a local favorite, SweetCup has a wondrous selection of artisanal gelato, and super-friendly owner Jasmine will let you try as many samples as you want.
- If you'd also like to buy some exotic groceries (or just pretend you're going to) and/or hang out at Discovery Green while you enjoy your gelato, head to Phoenicia's downtown location and dip it up there.

- Celebrity has the best chocolate truffle and s'mores cupcakes. It's also next door to Berripop, in case someone in your party wants yogurt instead--or in addition! (When I saw this cool new Spanish-style building, I totally wanted to live on one of the floors above, but sadly--or perhaps soundly, for me--it seems to only be business rentals.)
- Crave gets my vote for the best "classic" cupcake: vanilla/yellow cake with chocolate icing. Two locations: Rice Village/West U and Uptown Park.
- Sugarbaby's is a super-cute store, with lots more to buy than just edible goodies. It's as if Marie Antoinette opened a cupcake shop! I've had a great s'mores version there, but I'm also intrigued by the Peachy Bellini. Also, I would not be sad at all if someone gifted me a Couture Cupcake Hatbox. Just saying.
- Sprinkles is a national chain, and I'm disappointed that we don't yet have a cupcake ATM at this location, but their classic vanilla-with-chocolate-frosting and marshmallow chocolate (notice a theme, yet?) are top notch.
- Sweet is adorable, in a fun location for shopping and hanging out, and has the best s'mores cupcake I think I've ever had. Also: beautiful macarons!
- Though it's out in the 'burbs, I have to mention Frosted Bakery, as they provided the cupcakes for my wedding--including vegan ones!

- Yogurt is probably my go-to dessert run these days, and there are many choices for self-serve yogurt in Houston, a few of which I have yet to try . . . but I'm always going to recommend the international chain Yogurtland above all others. It's well priced, has a great selection, and just really fun--and it was my first-ever self-serve experience, so I'm forever loyal. (Also, I discovered that the wifi from next-door Randalls at the Montrose-ish location works if you're sitting outside at Yogurtland--yes, I have spent a very happy workday afternoon there.)
- However, I will give a shout-out to Sweet Lola in Midtown, whose decor is so warm and adorable I'd like to live there--and they have wifi. Their selection is limited, but totally unique-y boutique-y.

Dessert variety:
- In the same area (CityCentre) as Sweet, Flora & Muse is a charming, charming place. They also have a bistro & bar next door . . . and fresh flowers to buy! I would also like to live there.
- The Town & Country Village location of Ooh La La Dessert Boutique has a sweet for every tooth, and plenty of space to spread out and hang out in.

There you have it! Now I'd better go eat some vegetables.
- L'Edi-Sweet

Monday, April 30, 2012

Some bragging all around

Have you downloaded The Scourge yet? What are you waiting for?!

In author A.G. Henley's own words: "The Scourge has been 'out there' on Amazon and Barnes and Noble since 1/31/12. . . . [It] was hovering around 20 to 40K [in rankings] in the paid Kindle store for awhile, but in April it has done really, really well, and now it's ranked around 3,000 overall. It is currently ranked #73 in Children's E-books for Action and Adventure, #74 in Children's Books overall for Action and Adventure, and #98 in Children's Books for Fantasy and Magic. I'm really excited about the progress it's made--and especially proud that of 32 reviews on Amazon, 31 are 5-stars (one is 4-stars)."

Congratulations indeed, Aimee! What a self-publishing success story!

Now for my bragging (on behalf of Stephanie as well):  Aimee says, "Several people have mentioned the excellent, 'almost flawless' editing, so again, I have you to thank!" Aw, shucks. And I of course was so flattered to hear that "I've used a quote from your blog as marketing on Amazon and I know it has sold some books!"

: )


Thursday, April 26, 2012

All earned, nothing stolen

The latest issue of Kirkus Reviews features this amazing review:

Author: Kenneally, Miranda
Review Issue Date: May 15, 2012
Online Publish Date: April 25, 2012
Publisher:Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 304
Price ( Paperback ): $8.99
Publication Date: October 4, 2012
ISBN ( Paperback ): 978-1-4022-7187-8
Category: Fiction

Readers of this teen novel will appreciate its realistic and witty dialogue as they navigate its tightly packed plot.

High-school valedictorian Parker's life has been a crush of sad confusion since her mother left the family to move in with her girlfriend. Ostracized by many of her friends and her church, Parker has quit the softball team and taken to making out with random guys in a heartbreaking effort to prove to her tormentors she's not a lesbian like her mom. When she meets a hot 23-year-old assistant coach at her school, he seems to be a kindred spirit. As things progress and they become physical, however, he seems more interested in trying to convince her to have sex than in talking. Bits of Parker’s journal-style writing featured throughout very effectively serve to bring readers into her corner. In a sweetly described romantic turn, she also begins to fall for a longtime acquaintance, but her best friend Drew finally comes out to her and drunkenly confesses a secret crush on him. All of this, plus the poignant details of her home life with a depressed father and drug-abusing brother, eventually drives her to contact her mom and face herself.

With characters this nuanced, many teens won't mind all the issues flying fast and furious.(Fiction. 14 & up)

Congratulations, Miranda! Rekha and I can't wait till Stealing Parker is on bookshelves (and in our hot little hands).

- L'Editrice

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Authorial awesomeness

At the end of last month I did critiques at SCBWI-Houston's annual conference. It was so great to be back in a writers' community, especially since day to day I'm pretty isolated from everyone. I met many inspiring writers there, but these kind words I received from an author shortly afterward especially touched me . . .

I cannot thank you enough for the nomination [for an award that gives the winner a mentorship with writer Kathi Appelt] you gave me yesterday. I do not exaggerate when I say that this will change my life. I've been waiting for that tipping point of encouragement that would allow me to take the risk of leaving my day job and finally focusing full time on my writing. Even after all my critiques, although I was very encouraged that my novel was heading in the right direction, I wasn't ready to make that leap yesterday. With this nomination, the mindshare my novel among the attendees, and the value it will bring to my submissions, I finally feel confident enough to take this huge step.

But there is something else I wanted to thank you for as well – your actual words. What you wrote about my work was so beautiful, I could barely hold back my tears. And it caught the attention of every single person in that room! I have lost count of the number of people who came up to me afterwards and talked to me about the novel, and what you had said about it.

Whether or not I get the opportunity to work with Kathi Appelt, the value of your nomination (and your words in that nomination!) will always loom large in my writing career.

Readers, be on the lookout for Maya Kanwal's work--she's a rising star! And thanks to Maya for making my job so worth it.

- L'Editrice

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mad, Wicked Good News

Here is some inspiration for all you historical novelists out there. . . .

Sharon Biggs Waller is the author of a beautiful YA (which has major crossover potential) set in the Edwardian era in London, filled with romance, suspense, and suffragettes. I first began working with her about two years ago, and received this email from her last week:

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have an agent!  John Cusick from Scott Treimel Literary Agency.  I had a full out to four agents and one editor and I've been in that holding pattern for weeks and months, but then I read on Twitter that John was looking for YA historicals that were set in the same era as Downton Abbey.  I filled out the online form on Friday, and Monday he asked for a full in the morning.  He tweeted later in the day that he had a manuscript that he couldn't put down and would probably finish in one sitting.  Well, that manuscript was mine!  Yesterday he called and offered me representation.  He said the swift turnaround was a first for the agency.  He also said that my manuscript was the cleanest he'd ever seen and just mentioned some minor things.  As soon as I get that to him he's going to send it around to several publishers.  He's very excited about it and he totally got my book and my characters.  In fact, I think he understood them better than I did!  He's my dream editor and I'm walking on clouds right now.  I had to send rejection letters to those other agents.  What a surreal experience!"

Congratulations, Sharon! Can't wait to see A Mad, Wicked Folly in print.

- L'Editrice

Thursday, March 29, 2012

And a month goes by

As I'd been meaning to do for ages, I finally subscribed to the NYT online . . . happily and proudly, as I do believe in paying for professional journalism rather than expecting everything to be free when really nothing is free--either you're getting your "news" at the expense of reliable, unbiased sources and/or it'sw infotainment underwritten by corporations with an agenda.

. . . Anyway, allow me to stay on my soapbox for a while to link to this article that made me happy. I would have gladly stuck with my 6-year-old (isn't it crazy that nowadays that's old for technology?) dumbphone even longer had I not switched providers last summer and been forced to choose another phone that went with their system. But I still chose a dumbphone! (My husband and I totally thought we coined that phrase, but apparently others have as well.)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog crush

Oh my gosh, can this woman be my best friend? Too bad (for me) that she's moving to Austin.

- L'Editrice

Friday, February 3, 2012

My extracurricular activities are also literary

Here's a little plug for my upcoming performance as "Beth" in "Little Women: The Musical"--on the off chance that any of you reading this are close enough to come.

- L'Editrice

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Your February must-read

Looking for a trenchant, imaginative, beautifully written novel to read this month? Look no further: it's The Scourge, by A. G. Henley

Both Stephanie and I worked on this novel, and when the author said she had no formal writing experience, I almost couldn’t believe it—this definitely does not read like a first novel, this reads like the work of a talented, long-published author. Her use of language is beautiful, the world she's created so detailed and fascinating and consistent, and the personal story of protagonist Fenn is just wonderful. I love all the characters—especially the star-crossed lovers at the heart of this dystopian YA (though definitely ageless) novel.

Honestly, when a manuscript is this strong, what I end up having to do is nitpick in the hopes of helping an author make it even more perfect. Now it is ready for all readers to enjoy, so don't wait--download it now!

Congratulations, Aimee!

- L'Editrice

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Houston

Here's a link to a fabulous post from one of my new favorite blogs.

- L'Editrice

Friday, January 27, 2012

A cupcake of a quandary

So, I'm  heading to Austin this weekend for a little getaway, and the last time I was there I bought enough cupcakes (for the whole family, I promise!) from Hey Cupcake! to get a 40%-off coupon for any of their merch. I thought I'd take a look at their site just now to see if I want to go buy anything there on this trip . . . and of course I have come upon my usual (oh-so-tragic-and-important) quandary of loving everything!

I'm only going to buy one thing (for now), so I thought I'd see if any of my readers want to help me choose. Right now I'm waffling between T-shirt or hat, in either classic trailer (that's really what the trailers look like!), whale, or breakfast. (Don't even get me started on all the gifts that I now want to get the men, babies, and kids in my life.)

. . . Ugh, though now I see that all the T-shirts are made by American Apparel (which I never have and never will buy from, ever), so I guess my decision may have been made for me. . . . Still, your thoughts on the cutest design you would vote for in a perfect world in which our sweatshop-free clothes also came misogyny free?

- L'Editrice

Friday, January 20, 2012

A feather in Heather's cap

Rekha and I edited Heather Lyons's amazing fantasy/magical-realism YA novel, and now she has a cool website up for the series. I know exploring it will make you as impatient as I am for her to release the first book, A Matter of Fate, in a couple of months.

Heather has also created a great author site for herself and her books. On it you will find her blog, which explores her super-coolness as related to her love of indie music, among other things.

Keep up the awesome marketing and writing work, Heather!

- L'Editrice

Friday, January 13, 2012

On the 12th day of Christmas

Despite certain people who shall not be named making fun of me for continuing with this Christmas thread till the 13th day of January, here I am! Thanks for holding out with me.

Here are some last gifts:

1) I can totally relate.

2) Still have yet to watch this, but here's yet another motivation for me. I love being absorbed in a new world in all my media forms.

3) Some long-needed progress. We can only hope societal attitudes begin to catch up.

- L'Editrice

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the 11th day of Christmas

Appropriately enough, my BFF sent me the link to this. It sounds just like my friend-seeking experiences as an adult, so maybe I'll learn from it. Or at least commiserate long distance in my misanthropy/despair.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new, I suppose

But this still made me kind of sad.

On the 10th day of Christmas,

Friday, January 6, 2012

On the 9th day of Christmas

It looks like several of my authors have already accomplished their New Year's publication resolutions! The latest is Mindy Hardwick:

You can buy her wonderful middle-grade novel Stained-Glass Summer through these links, or on Smashwords. (The Barnes and Noble link will be working soon. They take a little longer to upload the books into their system.)

Congratulations, Mindy! And happy Three Kings' Day to all!

- L'Editrice

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On the 8th day of Christmas

Since this time of year always has many thinking about resolutions, and many of those resolutions have to do with weight/getting "in shape" (which I put in quotation marks for a reason), I thought sharing this article with you (if you haven't already read it) would be appropriate.

Then read the author's follow-up article, which has many important takeaways, such as:

- "I think it’s important to tell people that while it’s certainly possible to lose weight, a number of biological factors that have nothing to do with character or willpower can make it extraordinarily difficult."

- " 'A society that stigmatizes people for a physical attribute that they can’t change is the real fat trap we ought to be trying to escape.' ”

- "But the best and most surprising responses I have received are from several readers who start by telling me that they don’t have a weight problem, but they now have a better understanding of the challenges overweight people face. 'I don’t think I’ll look at an overweight person in the same way again,' one reader wrote ‘You made some part of the world a more compassionate place with this article.' ”

I agree, and hope that this can once and for all stop us from being so fat-phobic and judgmental toward other people and ourselves. I really think it's one of the last accepted forms of discrimination in our society, especially since people now have the convenient excuse of "fighting the war on obesity" or worrying about "health" to mask their lookism, classism, self-loathing beneath.

Wishing you a strong, successful 2012 on *your* terms,


Monday, January 2, 2012

On the 7th day of Christmas

Happy New Year, all! So far my 2012 is going great, and I hope yours is, too. Its wonderful start began on New Year's Eve, when my disco pants (see below) received much acclaim at the downtown celebration I attended. Someone asked to take my picture, some others asked to touch them, and others said, "Sweet pants!" So what if they were all preteens or stoner kids?  ( : P )

I also have an update from my author Eric Robespierre: The price on for the Kindle edition of Cracking the Walnut: How Being a Little Nuts Helped Me to Beat Prostate Cancer is now a measly $0.99. Why don't you download it right now?

- L'Editrice