Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Christmas gift that's both classic and very "now"

1) From Martha Mihalick, my colleague at my alma mater, Greenwillow (Isn't that a cute way of thinking of it? It just came to me):

"Greenwillow Books has been developing an iPhone app version of one of our classic picture books-- FREIGHT TRAIN, by Donald Crews--over the last several months. And now it's finally available in the Apple store!

It's really a cool app (and you can get it for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad), so please please please check it out and download it if you have an i-Thing and a spare $2.99 lying around. It's perfect for preschoolers, those of you who have toddlers yourselves, and those of you who just see a lot of your friends' and family's kiddos. Or just to download because you like me and support the efforts to bring books into the future so that I still have a job in 5 years. :) Tell all your friends.

Here's the link right to the app store:"

2) Also, my present to you is this article I am loving today.

Rapturously repellent,

Friday, December 3, 2010

At-long-last lists

I'm back! . . . and am finally blogging about the awesome cover article of the fall issue of Ms. as I hav been meaning to do ever since I read it weeks and weeks ago. It's called "Kick-Ass Girls and Feminist Boys" and is all about feminist YA. You need to run to a newstand and pick up the issue . . . and if you're a dork like me, check off which of their recommended books you've already read and add those you haven't to your GoodReads queue ASAP (I had read 50%). (Speaking of great reads, I'm sure the whole magazine will inspire you to subscribe, as I have proudly for 10 years now.)

Also, I need to finally start reading these "Mad Men"-mentioned books. The only book I've read of the list is Atlas Shrugged, though I've seen several of the movies they mention (and the movie verson of The Best of Everything--publishing back in the day!). If only I had a fainting couch like Betty's to read on . . .

I think I will add all these titles to my new Kindle, which I received as a birthday gift from my lovely family last weekend. That's right--I have entered Life, Act II, according to Jane Fonda--The Building Act. Can't wait to see what I build.

One thing I know I will be building up tonight is fat cells, as I plan to finally go here. The hubby and have been waiting for this place to open for ages, and I love their website (check out the interactive comic-inspired tabs at top) and their origin story--well done, non-Belgians!

- L'Editrice