Sunday, September 22, 2013

In this case, judging a book by its cover is quite appropriate

How gorgeous is this cover?! The story inside is just as spectacular, which you'll find out when you read Sharon Biggs Waller's A Mad, Wicked Folly when it comes out January 23rd (start the impatient countdown now) . . . Which, appropriately, is right when we Americans will be delving back into "Downton Abbey" (season 4 starts January 5) and, as I think I mentioned before, this book has so many parallels it will fulfill all your cravings for that time period and setting.

This would also be an amazing tale to listen to, and wouldn't you know it, the recording of the audio book is starting next month! Congratulations, Sharon!

(I don't know if this is coincidence or fate or what, but the book Amazon says customers of AMWF also bought is . . . How My Summer Went Up in Flames, by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski--which is another book I edited! I am so proud of my authors, and feeling pretty blessed by the universe right now.)

- L'Editrice