Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maintenant nous sommes trois Editrices!

Stephanie and I now have a third musketeer to help us--meet Rekha Radhakrishnan! Rekha will be doing mostly developmental editing to start, but may also bring in her copyediting skills at some point soon. Here's a bit about her qualifications in her own words:

"While I've spent the last four years working in communications planning at a global advertising agency in Chicago, my academic background is steeped in the literary arts. I have both a BA and MA in literature, and am incredibly invigorated by the multitude of diverse voices available to readers today. I spent two years teaching rhetoric and composition to undergraduate students at The University of Massachusetts, and have worked with several literacy-oriented non-profit organizations tutoring students of all ages, and encouraging them to express themselves through writing."

It's rad having you join us, Rekha Rad!

. . . Now I really have to update the bio page on the website, huh?

- L'Editrice originale : )

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Though the Académie française will think it an abomination, and it sounds a little bit like "Listerine," I've decided to make my made-up Frenglish/Franglais word "Listetrice" the new title of my posts listing yummy or otherwise fun places I go to. Most of them will be in H-town, but as my out-of-town agendas almost always center around food, there will be field trips. . . .

Here are the first honorees:

- What's Up Cupcake? (despite their lack of necessary comma)

- Swirll

- Berripop

- Simone

It is telling to note that I have been back in Houston for less than a month, but have been to all of these places at least once--Swirll twice and Berripop thrice!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fight fat-o-phobia! (I know the "o" isn't really necessary, but I like it.)

As you probably know by now, I'm quite the armchair sociologist--and hey, good writers have a lot in common with sociologists, with their incessant observing and (over-)analyzing--so here's some sociological fodder for ya . . . . I felt this guest post on my favorite blog was too right-on and important not to share.

[I'll wait for you to read it.]

Now, is your interest piqued? Are you as pissed off by those horrible comments (perfectly illustrating the misogny and just downright meanness that Internet anonymity can bring out in people) she received as I am? Or are you still cynical about fat-o-phobia? In any of these cases, I strongly recommend this awesome book to you.

Joyous in July (at any size),