Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, stars, and all that

Hi, Valentines!

Have you checked out The Gatekeepers Post yet? Here's my first post on it.

I saw "Black Swan" this weekend. I'd read a lot about it, and so it was pretty much what I expected . . . I agree with this very astute critique. In watching the credits at the end, I couldn't help but notice that not a single woman's name was listed (in terms of director, producers, writers, etc.) until the names for costume design came up. . . . Anyway, it was interesting, if nothing else, and no matter my ambivalence, I can't help myself from already planning my Halloween 2011 costume (the Black Swan, of course!).

Hearts and flowers,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Written Wardrobe, inaugural issue . . . starring one of my authors/friends!

Here's what you do:
1) Go to this site (and try to hold off on shopping for a moment).
2) Click on the bottom row, second-to-last icon.
4) Be awed and inspired by Julie Gissler's contribution!

I'm so proud of Julie, who worked on The Suits for a long time, never gave up, and found a really modern (no pun intended) way to get her story out there. And she beat out hundreds (if not thousands) of entrants to be featured in this anthology--and is even mentioned in the editors' introductory letter. Congrats, Julie!

In other fabulousness, I bought myself an e-book for my Kindle for the first time yesterday. (Before that the hubster had been getting them for me.) It was pretty amazing how it was wirelessly sent to my device, White Magic, in seconds. (Yes, that's its name. Because it's white. And magical. My iPod is blue and named Tangled Up in Blue.)

- L'Editrice