Thursday, May 26, 2011

May day!

Somehow it's almost June, and I've yet to publish up a single post for May . . . until now.

In my busyness, I'll make this a quick linky-love post:

1) Often I roll my eyes at the NYT Styles section, but sometimes they have an article that I'm totally in sync with. Here's one of them. (And it explains one of the reasons I don't have my birthday up on FB.)

2) An awesome slideshow that reminds me of the project my mom and I dreamed up when we were in India a year and a half ago--I want to photograph libraries around the world, and my mom wants research/explore houseboats.

Finally, I'm going to put a little something out there for all 5 of you who read this: I've recently been thinking of adding another editor to my little freelance business, as I am fortunate to have so many awesome writers asking to work with me, and not enough time to help all of them by their desired deadlines. Anyone interested in talking to me about the possibility of joining my team? If so, shoot me an email. (Look at me--using cheesy business jargon like a true entrepreneur. : P)

- L'Editrice