Monday, October 18, 2010

1 is the loneliest number . . .

Anybody there? I am keeping my contest/survey open for another week, so please join in! (And unlike most sweepstakes, family and friends are eligible to enter. : P)
- L'Editrice

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Centennial contest!

This, on 10.10.10, is my 100th L'Editrice post! To celebrate, I'm conducting my first contest/survey!

Here's the deal: I'm in the market for a new correspondence stamp, and I'd love my readers' feedback. I am going to keep the voting open until Sunday, October 17. Please post your choice in the comments section (if the first time it doesn't go through, please try again--I know sometimes it is finicky) or send me an email. I will take everyone's opinions into consideration, and let you know of the results on the 18th.

Then, I will draw names of all those who responded from a hat, and the winner will be sent a copy of Amy Brecount White's Forget-Her-Nots. (I'll even stamp it with my new stamp, if you want.)

Here are the choices:
A. French-inspired (to go with my blog name)
B. A nod to what editing is largely about
C. Tying into my website logo
D. Mod and professional
E. Because I'll work like a busy bee for you! (And I love bees.)

Can't wait to hear from y'all!

- L'Editrice

P.S. Both Alex Mack and Doyle on "Mad Men" in the same episode? I was in heaven!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Updated October

I've finally made some long overdue updates to the Biography, Hiring Sarah, and Resume sections of my website. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Next on my remodeling list: the Testimonials page. So, if you have worked with me and would like to write a testimonial, or if you've already done one but would like to update your bio line (maybe you have a new project you're shopping around, a new website of your own, etc.), I'd love to hear from you.

- L'Editrice

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dramatically wicked

Seeing as we're getting close to Halloween (my favorite holiday), I thought I'd comment on a couple of costume-related things:

1) My "Mad Men" costume
Alas, these people each somehow got about 20,000 more votes than me. But I like quality over quantity, so I sincerely thank all of you who voted for me.

2) "Wicked" awesome
It had witches, amazing costumes, and the most female-centered storyline I've ever seen in a musical. I finally saw "Wicked" the other night at the Boston Opera House, and it did not disappoint. I love how the story was ultimately all about female friendship. Amazing stuff. Of course, I would expect nothing less from Winnie Holzman, who I discovered (upon perusing my program) wrote the show's book*. (*That's theater-speak for script/book-to-stage adapatation. The original book book was written by Gregory Maguire, and I have been inspired to take another stab at reading it. The first time I tried it was just too high-fantasy for me.)

This past week actually has rekindled my obsession for Holzman, as I've been watching the excellent "Huge", and found myself thinking, This gives me the kind of feeling I get watching "My So-Called Life," right before discovering that MSCL creator Holzman co-created "Huge" with her (quite young) daughter! And her husband is an actor (appearing in "Huge" as well)--what a creative power family! (Of course, W.G. Snuffy Walden's score may also have triggered the connection in my brain. He does the music for all my favorite shows, really.)

Gone a little crazy with the IMDB-connect-the-dots game,