Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kindred bloggists

Today my favorite blog re-posted a spot-on video from what may very well become one of my new favorites.

This supremely well-articulated op-ed has me wishing I had been less moderate in my P.S. in this previous post. So now I will let it all out:

I've never understood how mainstream European newspapers (and I'm sure some in other countries as well, but I'm only familiar with the Euro ones) can print features like "Topless Model of the Day" or what have you and still be considered legitimate news sources. I agree completely with Sarkeesian (especially on the hypocrisy of this "progressive" rag), and will add that the crazy juxtapositions in The Huffington Post makes the New York Post look like classy, subdued reading material in comparison.

Arianna, I love your accent and your politics in general, but I've got no love for the HuPo.

- L'Editrice

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My name in lights . . . err, print

I finally got my hands on a copy of Book Markets for Children's Writers 2010--and you should, too, because I wrote an article in it! It's called "Hungry for More: Exploring Middle-Grade and YA Series Fiction."

(Well, now they've already got the 2011 edition ready to go, so 2010 might be hard to find, but if you can, check it out.)

- L'Editrice

Monday, September 20, 2010

This should be called "*Inappropriate* Quotation Marks". . .

. . . because the way people use them is not unncessary, it is *wrong.* (Also, notice how I put little asterisks around words I want to emphasize--that is what you can do to emphasize a word. Or you could italicize it, capitalize, bold it, underline it . . . But do NOT put quotation marks around it, because technically that serves to undermine it.)

Oh, but I think slide number 12 is fine. The "real" world as opposed to the school world is an expression/subjective concept, so quotation marks are appropriate there.

- L'Editrice

P.S. I don't love The Huffington Post uniformly. I feel like the trashy, Euro-tabloid-style celebrity gossip and photos they include on the site undermine the credibility of their real reporting.

Friday, September 17, 2010

More TV fangirl-ing (and some book stuff as well)

- As my BFF said when she sent this to me, "So, I think Jon Stewart has a crush on your TV BF, too . . . " (I can't believe he was in Boston this week and I missed him!)

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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- "Gilmore Girls," the movie?

- When I first heard rumors of this yesterday, I thought, What the heck, Oprah? But now I'm thinking it's simply more evidence of her genius. Though I still think Franzen is pretentious.

- Hmm, maybe this is what I should do to get people to RSVP (and come!) to my parties.

- For all the dog lovers out there.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In which I obsess about TV (potential spoilers)

Indulge me for a bit, please, as I'm reveling in all the fall shows starting up again:

- Not that this is a unique plot point or anything, but I feel like the meh "Life, Unexpected" is totally stealing from the far-superior "Pretty Little Liars" (read the books before you watch the show!) with the whole teen-and-teacher-fall-in-love-without-knowing-the-age-of-each-other thing. (I keep debating taking L,U off my DVR schedule, but it does make for good background TV while I'm doing housework . . . )

- Is Oprah God? I kind of think when you have that much money, you pretty much have all earthly powers, and luckily she seems to use them for good.

- "Gossip Girl" is definitely stealing from "Mad Men" with that whole Chuck-assumes-a-new-identity thing.

- Speaking of "Mad Men," if you can get your hands on the September 13th issue of Rolling Stone, the article on MM is excellent. I especially thought the insight on Joan's character and her place in society was profound, and relates to how awesome the past two episodes of the show have been. (The September 5 episode is my favorite episode of the whole show thus far.)

- I'll end with some MM-related self-promotion: Friday is the last day to vote for me in the Mad Men Casting Call Contest. : )


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things that are inspiring me today

- Cake pops (anyone want to make me some?)

- Ever-approaching Halloween

- Voting!

- Kate DiCamillo's and Alison McGhee's answers to the question, "Can a tall person and a tall person truly be friends?" I love DiCamillo's perspective on making appearing "benign" as a short person work for you--as my similarly short and young-looking sister says, "We could easily be spies!"

Not short, but fun size--