Thursday, May 17, 2012

My current heroes (heroines!)

- Julia Bluhm, and Spark.

- Vogue.

- Nuns. (Actually, they've long been my heroes--the two "plain-clothes" nuns, as my mom calls them, in the family were always inspirational to me in their nonconventional lives.)


Friday, May 11, 2012

Nothing "Rookie" about it

My sister introduced me to this amazing online magazine the other day by e-mailing me: Have you seen this? Seems like something you could write for?

I have no idea where she found it, but I was instantly obsessed. It felt to me like the online reincarnation of that wise-and-cool-beyond-its-years teen magazine of yesteryear, Sassy . . . and (though not saying I'm so cool or wise) also just reminded me of me. I mean, any place that has style-icon odes to both Dorothy from "Golden Girls" and Angela Lansbury is one where I want to be.

Then I discovered it is actually meant for teens--which only made me feel silly/disappointed for about a split-second. I obviously love teen things, especially smart ones, and it made me feel really happy that there are still quality (and fun!) alternative voices and spaces for teen girls these days. And I know I would have loved it as a teenage girl (as I still do, as I am still very much the teenage girl I was then--plus it's totally into 90s nostalgia as well).

I checked out some of the contributors, and discovered that the amazing young Tavi Gevinson is the founder and editor-in-chief! I remember hearing a while back about how she was starting a feminist website/magazine for girls. It's even better than I could have hoped.

All this makes me so happy, so I'm tagging this post under "Listetrice," since I decided that is also the appropriate tag for all of my loves/obsessions--and since all together they make up my (rather long) short list of awesomeness.

- L'Editrice

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweet city

It's probably no surprise to you that I base much of my social/travel life around eating, especially desserts. Recently a friend came to visit me in Houston for the first time, and I had to push myself past my normal dessert tour to recommend other attractions (since in the 4 or so free hours she had she wasn't going to spend the whole time eating sweets). But if you have longer, all your sweet-tooth dreams can be realized . . .

What are you in the mood for?

- Go to Tiff's Treats and get an amazing Tiffwich (ice-cream sandwich). Better yet: get these warm cookies delivered right to your door! Tiff's has always been an Austin fave of mine, so I was thrilled when it finally arrived in Houston. (Also, their idea of cookie boxes as wedding favors is genius.)
- Enjoy beautiful and delicious macarons at Petite Sweets. Just make sure you have your camera handy, because you're going to want to document the gorgeous color combinations.

- Just a few months old but already a local favorite, SweetCup has a wondrous selection of artisanal gelato, and super-friendly owner Jasmine will let you try as many samples as you want.
- If you'd also like to buy some exotic groceries (or just pretend you're going to) and/or hang out at Discovery Green while you enjoy your gelato, head to Phoenicia's downtown location and dip it up there.

- Celebrity has the best chocolate truffle and s'mores cupcakes. It's also next door to Berripop, in case someone in your party wants yogurt instead--or in addition! (When I saw this cool new Spanish-style building, I totally wanted to live on one of the floors above, but sadly--or perhaps soundly, for me--it seems to only be business rentals.)
- Crave gets my vote for the best "classic" cupcake: vanilla/yellow cake with chocolate icing. Two locations: Rice Village/West U and Uptown Park.
- Sugarbaby's is a super-cute store, with lots more to buy than just edible goodies. It's as if Marie Antoinette opened a cupcake shop! I've had a great s'mores version there, but I'm also intrigued by the Peachy Bellini. Also, I would not be sad at all if someone gifted me a Couture Cupcake Hatbox. Just saying.
- Sprinkles is a national chain, and I'm disappointed that we don't yet have a cupcake ATM at this location, but their classic vanilla-with-chocolate-frosting and marshmallow chocolate (notice a theme, yet?) are top notch.
- Sweet is adorable, in a fun location for shopping and hanging out, and has the best s'mores cupcake I think I've ever had. Also: beautiful macarons!
- Though it's out in the 'burbs, I have to mention Frosted Bakery, as they provided the cupcakes for my wedding--including vegan ones!

- Yogurt is probably my go-to dessert run these days, and there are many choices for self-serve yogurt in Houston, a few of which I have yet to try . . . but I'm always going to recommend the international chain Yogurtland above all others. It's well priced, has a great selection, and just really fun--and it was my first-ever self-serve experience, so I'm forever loyal. (Also, I discovered that the wifi from next-door Randalls at the Montrose-ish location works if you're sitting outside at Yogurtland--yes, I have spent a very happy workday afternoon there.)
- However, I will give a shout-out to Sweet Lola in Midtown, whose decor is so warm and adorable I'd like to live there--and they have wifi. Their selection is limited, but totally unique-y boutique-y.

Dessert variety:
- In the same area (CityCentre) as Sweet, Flora & Muse is a charming, charming place. They also have a bistro & bar next door . . . and fresh flowers to buy! I would also like to live there.
- The Town & Country Village location of Ooh La La Dessert Boutique has a sweet for every tooth, and plenty of space to spread out and hang out in.

There you have it! Now I'd better go eat some vegetables.
- L'Edi-Sweet