Monday, July 14, 2014

H-town highlights

My youngest sister will be visiting soon from London, so we're starting to make a list of all the spots she wants to hit in her week back home. Her agenda is typically a mix of old favorites and newbies that have cropped up since she moved across the pond (many of which she finds out about before I do!). Here's what we've got so far:
- Snowblock Shavery
- Green Vegetarian Cuisine (Everything can be made vegan, and the desserts automatically are!)
- Blue Leaf (Housed in an old bungalow with another chic little shack in the back, I fantasized a little bit about buying the property when it was for up sale a year or so ago, and enjoy strolling through it now as a shop--which is probably better for all of us.)
- And I'm so excited to check out Glazed and their vegan donuts!

Any suggestions from my readers?

- L'Editrice

Additions, 7/22/14: Tout Suite Cafe (I hope it's open in time!)
                               True Food Kitchen (I loved it in San Diego--so excited it's in Houston now!)
                               My Flaming Heart (Probably my favorite store in H-town, aside from
                                                            Ten Thousand Villages, of course.)