Thursday, March 29, 2012

And a month goes by

As I'd been meaning to do for ages, I finally subscribed to the NYT online . . . happily and proudly, as I do believe in paying for professional journalism rather than expecting everything to be free when really nothing is free--either you're getting your "news" at the expense of reliable, unbiased sources and/or it'sw infotainment underwritten by corporations with an agenda.

. . . Anyway, allow me to stay on my soapbox for a while to link to this article that made me happy. I would have gladly stuck with my 6-year-old (isn't it crazy that nowadays that's old for technology?) dumbphone even longer had I not switched providers last summer and been forced to choose another phone that went with their system. But I still chose a dumbphone! (My husband and I totally thought we coined that phrase, but apparently others have as well.)