Thursday, August 21, 2014

In my own backyard

I just discovered the most charming little strip of shops that I have probably driven past hundreds of times without knowing what I was missing!

First I stopped in Surroundings: I bought a cool ring made out of telephone wire, and I wanted to buy everything else as well. I'm definitely going to come back with my sister next week, and the awesome selection of unique lampshades and shower curtains will be a great source for my mom.

Next door I found Pattywhacks and Company, where I bought the glammest wallet ever, which looks like fine leather but is actually made of recycled water bottles. They happen to be moving down the street tomorrow, right across from Simone on Sunset, which is one of my "locals." Wins all around!

A few steps over brought me to Hawkins Furniture. My style is generally a bit more modern than what they had showcased, but I really admired the craftsmanship and made a mental note about the possibility of custom furniture from them in the future.

Finally, Zapotec Art Imports had the most wonderful art and turquoise jewelry--including the gorgeous green kind that I have had my eye on for a while. One of these days I will find the perfect piece and treat myself. . . .

The best part of visiting these local shops? They are all in old houses, which makes the shopping experience that much more magical.

- L'Editrice