Monday, September 22, 2014

Fancy dress in the U.S.

After being a Trekkie last Halloween, here are the costumes I'm considering for this one:

- Lucille Ball
- Carmen Sandiego
- Pippi Longstocking
- a mermaid
- a Greek goddess
- Daria and Jane (couple's costume!)
- Daft Punk (couple's costume, take II)
- a Single Lady
- Tintin
- Little Edie
- Alice in Wonderland
- Queen of Hearts
- the Morton Salt girl (Coincidentally, I just found out it's her 100th birthday!)
- Little Red Riding Hood

And if any of my readers (i.e. my sisters) want tips or costume pieces for any of these, I'm your woman.


P.S. I wrote this post months ago, and finally decided it was no longer an absurd time to publish it.