Monday, April 19, 2010

Lame, Actually

So I've been catching up on my "Parenthood" episodes, and I watched one yesterday in which teenage Haddie gets mad at her new boyfriend, Steve (aka "YoYo"), because he does not think "Love Actually" is at all romantic. He says it is superficial and should be called "Lame, Actually." Hee! (Though in the end Steve tells Haddie (lies?) that he was wrong, and they make up. Blah, blah, blech.)

Anyway, I squealed when I heard that one-liner, because remember my post on that film back in December? I was sure that's what I'd called it, too, and thus surmised that:

a) Someone on the "Parenthood" writing staff is reading my blog. (Far-fetched, I know, but a girl can dream.)
b) I have what it takes to be on the "Parenthood" writing staff.

Turns out I had re-named the movie "Love, Crappily," which, IMHO, I think is better, but I like that there are some people in Hollywood thinking like me. Hey, Jason Katims (who, by the way, was also show runner on "My So-Called Life"): call me!

- L'Editrice

P.S. Hooray for a Lauren Graham project being a success! The poor actor gets no respect in the movies, but I think TV people appreciate her.

And it's okay if she is slightly typecast as the harried single mom who dates her daughter's teacher--at least they always cast yummy men (and this one a younger one = love it) in the roles.

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