Thursday, May 17, 2018

Everything's better with a fake mustache

My students and I had the great fortune of attending a presentation by author Shelly Brown at our school a couple of weeks ago. Shelly is the author of Mustaches for Maddie, which is based on the true story of her own daughter, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age twelve. As School Library Journal explains in its review of the book, "Maddie is a wonderfully thoughtful, creative, and funny protagonist, with whom readers will identify as she grapples with her social and physical challenges. The title comes from her love of fake mustaches, which she carries around to lighten the mood wherever she goes, and which become a viral sensation when she is hospitalized."

Not only did Shelly do her presentation for free (which is much appreciated at a public school with limited funds), she also did it without a PowerPoint or even a microphone! (Which was my fault, as I wasn't able to get the AV system together in time.) She was so engaging from the get-go, and the kids really connected with it. Right away I had students putting up their fingers under their nose in the style of a mustache to indicate that they were showing compassion (the theme of the book) for me and their peers by being quiet in class while others were speaking. I also had several order the book, along with another of Shelly's books, Ghostsitter, and attend her book signing that evening at a local bookstore. They also asked me for the book as soon as we came back to the library that day!

Although Shelly is not one of my authors (yet, ; P), I am very happy to recommend her book to everyone!

- L'Editrice

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